Together, we succeed

Our vision: to develop and nurture pupils’ interests and talents; for every child to be the very best they can be, regardless of their background or ability; to prepare children for the future as responsible and active global citizens; to work together with respect and kindness.

Underpinning our vision are our 4 key values; Ambition, Creativity, Curiosity and Unity.

We are ambitious in what we want for the children of Bardsey Primary and we want them to have high aspirations of themselves too – to achieve that which they are truly capable of. We aim to instil in our pupils that with hard work, ambition and self-belief, they can achieve great things.

At Bardsey Primary, we aim to provide opportunities for pupils to develop their creative skills as well as their knowledge and appreciation of the arts. Through encouraging creativity, pupils become more confident at solving problems and seeing things from other people’s perspective. Many future career paths for our pupils may rely upon creative thought processes and we aim to develop this within our children.

Learning is for life. We make sure that, through high-quality curriculum design and delivery, children retain their sense of inquisitiveness throughout their time at Bardsey Primary and beyond. We want our pupils to enjoy their learning and be eager for the next stage in their education.

We develop children’s understanding and appreciation of other cultures, faiths and characteristics. We build strong partnerships between school and home to enable children to make the best progress possible and foster a sense of community, support and togetherness with the families we serve. Children work in collaboration with each other to develop their awareness and understanding of the importance of teamwork.