Branded uniform with the school logo isĀ optional.

If you would like to purchase branded uniform, it can be done by going to the Kool Kidz store.

Uniform Store

Our Uniform

Uniform Standards

  • White polo shirt
  • Blue cardigan/jumper

  • Grey trousers, shorts, skirt or pinafore

  • Grey or black ankle socks or tights

  • Optional summer uniform consists of a pale blue checked dress in summer months with white knee-length or ankle socks


On non-PE days it is expected that children attend in academy uniform, this should include one of the following items of footwear:

  • Plain black leather or leather look shoes. Shoes must be free from branding and must not be decorative (e.g., diamantes, coloured /reflective stripes or logos)
  • A suitable plain black trainer. Trainers must be free from branding, coloured laces, reflective stripes or logos.
  • Black leather or leather look boots. Boots must be no higher than mid-calf and must not be decorative or branded (e.g., diamantes, reflective stripes or logos).

On PE days it is expected that students attend school in trainers suitable for PE.

PE Kit

Indoor Kit

  • Navy blue / black shorts – Plain white t-shirt / polo shirt

  • Black pumps

Outdoor Kit

  • Navy blue / black shorts – Plain white t-shirt / polo shirt

  • Black / grey / navy blue tracksuit

  • Trainers / black pumps

  • We recommend a tracksuit in colder weather

Jewellery & Hair Standards


  • Watches may be worn (with the exception of Smart watches and Fitbits), but remains the responsibility of the child at all times

  • One pair of small ear studs may be worn, but must be removed for swimming lessons and PE lessons
    (Adults in school are not permitted to remove earrings before swimming, therefore the child must be able to remove and look after his/her own jewellery)
  • Rings, necklaces, or bracelets should not be worn to school

  • No other jewellery should be worn, unless it has religious significance and has been agreed by Principal

  • Nail varnish and false nails are not permitted


  • Children should attend school with moderate hair styles
  • Hair accessories (bobbles, clips and bands) should be plain and discrete
  • JoJo bows should not be worn